No Refunds for Cancelled or Changed Boarding Dates. We Will Not Credit Your Account For a Future Stay.

1.) Boarding Reservations and 50% Deposits. Your deposit to reserve your Boarding Reservation is Non- Refundable if you cancel. This has been our policy since we opened and yet we continue to have clients cancel last minute and request refunds. Moving forward this policy is being strictly enforced, refunds cannot be given or applied in any other way towards daycare or future stays. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however  please understand that when we secure your Boarding Reservation that means we do have to turn another reservation away, cancelling means we not only would lose money on non-rented boarding space but also with extra employees we may have needed to schedule.

2.) Daycare Dogs and playtime. All new clients must go through an evaluation, if evaluation is passed and you are approved for Daycare your dog must continue to behave and play proper with the groups they are placed in. Not all dogs are going to like each other and because of that Pound Town Boarding and Daycare will try your dog in every playgroup possible to ensure the right fit for play.
There are times when a dog may need a time out and will be removed from group play and then re-introduced to the group, rest assured we WILL do all we can to ensure your dog gets a fair chance at daycare and keep in mind we are the ONLY daycare in the area that does not have breed restrictions. 
There are times when we have exhausted all our options and a dog will need to be suspended from daycare. This truly is  the last thing we want to do but safety for ALL dogs in our care IS our number one priority. AT this point we may suggest a trainer and an opportunity to retry after you've gone through a training program. Unfortunately, not ALL dogs can be daycare material and our employees are NOT dog trainers. Safety for them and all dogs is priority at Pound Town.

3. Boarding & Free Daycare Included. Daycare is included for dogs that have gone through our evaluation process, passed and are friendly with other dogs, or are current Daycare client dogs. If your dog can not be with other dogs they will not receive the same out of kennel time as dogs that do. Its unfortunate but it is the same at every single Boarding Facility. We DO try to rotate dogs out for playtime and potty breaks as frequently as possible, but we can not allow dogs who are not "dog friendly" all day access to play areas. 

4. Boarding Checkout & Fees. If your dog is boarding with us Checkout time is 10am on the day of departure. Dogs that are not picked up by 10am will incur a $25 late fee. If a dog is not picked up the day of checkout by 4pm the late fee is $35. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience however we have to become creative when clients are not picked up and the kennel they are in is rented for the day. Please discuss this when dropping your dog off for boarding if you have questions or will not be able to meet the 10am check out time. 

5. Hours of Operation. We operate with staff on hand 6am-6pm Monday - Friday. Saturday and Sunday we operate with Staff 8am-Noon and again 4pm-7pm. Weekends and Holidays ARE subject to change based on the amount of dogs Boarding, their scheduled drop off and pickup times. Our facility is monitored by 24/7 Real Time video the owner and managers of Pound Town have access to as well as a Fire Protection Alarm connected to our local Fire Department. Often times we do have staff in the building 24/7 depending on the amount of dogs boarding, but this is not always guaranteed. We highly encourage you to schedule your drop off / pickup times on the weekends so there is no issues that delay your plans. 

6. Feeding During Their Daycare Stay. Dogs have access to water their entire daycare day however we do not feed dogs that attend daycare. You are highly encouraged to feed your dogs BEFORE they arrive and when they return home.

7. Mood Altering Medications. No dog can attend daycare while taking ANY mood-altering medications. This is dangerous to the dogs in our care and our staff when the drugs wear off. Dogs with anxiety issues and the need for medication can take these medications while boarding but cannot interact w other dogs while medicated.

We hope this this section has helped with questions or things you may have wondered but have not asked yet. It is our goal to ensure your pets stay with us is amazing from start to finish. The safety of the dogs in our care and the employees we have here are number one priority every day at Pound Town.

Thank you for entrusting us with your precious dogs!

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